Photobooks Sizes and Pricing
Wall Art Sizes and Pricing
Calendar Sizes and Pricing
Photobooks Sizes and Pricing

PhotoBooks sizes for different Layouts. You can toggle through different types of photobooks to view pricing by clicking on the dropdown icon on the selectable colored cells.

Pricing Calculator

Wall Art Sizes and Pricing

 Canvases, Posters, and Mount prints sizes

Pricing Calculator

View prices for different product sizes by selecting from the colored adjustable cells below.

Calendar Sizes and Pricing

 Portrait calendars Sizing:

Calendar Pricing

A5 Portrait (Desktop)1000/-
A4 Portrait (Spiral bound – top)1250/-
A3 Portrait (Spiral Bound- top)1500/-
A3 Portrait (Spiral Bound – Centre)3000/-
A3 Portrait (Planner)1000/-
A5 Portrait (Magnetic)1000/-

Landscape calendars Pricing:

A5 Landscape (Desktop)1000/-
A4 Landscape (Spiral bound – Top)1250/-
A3 Landscape (Spiral Bound – Top)1500/-
A3 Landscape (Spiral bound – Centre)3000/-
A3 Landscape (Planner)1000/-
A5 Landscape (Magnetic)1000/-
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