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Download PerfectPics Software

Download FREE  PC/MAC software to create:

PhotoBooks, Photo Calendars, Wall Art or Other Products

Please call us on 0705155135 if you need help with the Perfect Pics software.

How it Works

What is a photo book?

A photobook is simply a book where photographs make a significant contribution to the overall content. Using the PerfectPics software, now anyone can make a high quality, long lasting but affordable book in 3 easy steps. Click here for a digital page turner view to understand more

How easy is it to put a photobook together?

Once the free perfectpics software has been downloaded, a photobook can take as little as 1min to put together a 20 page book from start to finish if you use the ‘autoflow’ button. Alternatively, if you want to be more creative, the software allows you plenty of options to adjust your pictures to get the perfect result. Since the software is downloaded to your PC or Mac (either from the internet, CD or USB), you have the luxury of time to spend creating your perfect product without concern of internet speeds. Once complete, you can either upload or post your finished product to us for printing and dispatch

Do I have to be On-line to make a perfectpics product?

No, we can send you a Disk or USB stick that contains the software which you can download to your PC or Mac for free. Once complete, you can simply save the work to the Disk or USB and send it back to us – either via the recommended photography outlets or directly to our offices (P.O.Box 78091, Nairobi, Kenya).


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