What is the Safari Photobook – Overview


00:00 Short Introduction

00:17 Why the Safari Photobook, problem it solves

00:48 Tourists’ pain point and need for great memories

01:34 What’s in it for you?

02:14 Why the opportunity is unique to this part of the world

02:44 Example of how to tell the story of a trip

03:14 Myth busting perceived issues with doing the Safari Book

04:03 Final thoughts and summary

Why tell your tourist’s story?

Watch tourists reacting to getting a Safari Photobook

“A book we did for a Colombian client resulted in 6 additional bookings from their friends and family. The books tell the tourist’s story but from our perspective, which is marketing gold for a destination like ours that many are apprehensive about!”

Hussein Jiwani
Hussein JiwaniGo Places

“Being gifted such a beautiful personalized book of our experience in Nairobi took the trip to the next level. It’s a keepsake that sits on many of our coffee tables that reminds us of what returning home felt like. The ladies of IMARA felt seen and appreciated and are excited to return to Kenya in the near future!”

Tori Elizabeth
Tori ElizabethThe Colored Girls Foundation

“It’s a very thoughtful and appreciated gift that leaves clients with memories of a lifetime of their special trip, places they visited, people and moments.”

Rinu Kalsi
Rinu KalsiSunworld Safaris

“Giving books to my clients is a great way for me to show my appreciation to them for trusting us with their Safari business, as well as being a great way for us to showcase our unique offerings to their friends”

Geoff Mayes
Geoff MayesAmazing Africa

“My clients love these books – their experiences with us are so memorable, we have to give them a memory that they can show their grandchildren!”

Wandia Maina
Wandia MainaMountain Slayers

Benefits of a Safari Photobook to your business

Since the tourist’s gets a lifetime memory of their magical experience with you, they will happily pay for this service. By telling their story, you are giving them the perfect material for them to tell their friends your brand’s story. This is (free) marketing gold!

Those most likely to visit you next listen to what their friends have to say. By telling the story they share, you can show the best of what you have to offer to those most likely to visit you next. You tell their story, they tell yours!

Storytelling is the oldest form of marketing! Tell the story of your client’s magical time in Kenya and they’ll share your story with their friends and family. This will result in greater brand awareness, loyalty and referrals for your business.

By capturing your visitor’s experience, you tell your brand’s story in the hearts and minds of the tourist, thereby turning every visitor into the perfect tourism broker to on-sell the magic for you!
(Experiential Marketing at its best)

The Safari Photobook is a perfect fit for the Kenyan market.

Very few other destinations can both tell a visitors story and be the beneficiaries of telling that story.
We can do this in Kenya because:

We’re a predictable (itinerary based) destination

We have a very good idea of the ‘story’ that the tourist is going to experience before they turn up. Kenya is a predictable travel destination, i.e., we follow detailed pre-set itineraries, so we know where they are going to be and have a good idea of what they are going to experience.

We’re a predominately guided experience

We experience the magic with them – because most of the tourist’s experience is guided, we are there with them for most key moments. Capturing the magic becomes easy!

Tourist and tour company wants are aligned

The tourist and tour operator have closely aligned wants; the tourist wants to receive and you want to provide a product that captures the story of their magical time with you.

Content Research thought papers

“If the lion does not tell his story, the hunter will” African Proverb

Using ‘traditional’ media to educe modern marketing tactics


Personalisation: Using images of the tourist in a printed book to tell the story of their experience in Kenya.


Experiential Storytelling: By ‘touching and feeling’ the images that depict the tourist’s immersive experiences while on holiday in Kenya, a photobook creates compelling memorable relationship between the tourist and the tour company.


Use of micro influencers: Tourist acts as a micro influencer, sharing their story that we helped tell.


Use of immersive technologies: Use of AR to play videos embedded in an image in the book, adding to the storytelling power of photobooks (click here to see a video on how this works).


Emphasis on social good: Each book contributes to conservation via our partnership with KWS.

How to get your Safari Photobook

Next steps

Send us the itinerary

Once a trip has been booked and itinerary confirmed, let us know and we’ll start preparing the skeleton of the book. We use stock images of the planned trip to start telling the story. Books cost $50 each and we recommend doing 1 per family.

Send us images in real time

Once your tourists arrive, let us know the details of the driver / guide and we’ll walk them through what images to take. We have a dedicated App that allows drivers to send us images in real time. Nearly any smart phone today (and definitely any driver) is capable of taking images of good enough quality to include in the book.

Tell us where and when you need the book!

Since we design the skeleton of the story using itineraries and work with the guides / drivers to get images in real time, we can deliver a book within the time it takes a client to get from Mara to Nairobi (less than 4 hrs). We can also deliver books anywhere in the world if required, at a small increment in cost.

Kenya For Me!
Review of a Photobook
Video for Tour Companies
Clients Getting a book
Video for Tour Guides
Video for Mountain Climbing Guides
Use of AR to embed a video in a book
Use our App to send us images
Video for hotels and lodges


  • It is a product that is valued by the tourist, tour operator and destination.
  • Costs $50 per book (includes design and printing as well as a contribution to conservation)
  • Aim to get all books printed and delivered before the tourists leave the country.
  • We are able to deliver books to any part of the world.
  • Book is A4, hardcover, 20 pages (takes about 60-100 images).
  • They weigh less than 250 gms and are 20x30cm in size (so easily fits in any bag).
  • Images can be sent to us via our App (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.osepoo.perfectpics&pli=1), social media (whatsapp 0705155135) or email (safaribooks@perfectpics.co.ke).

Want to find out more? Send us an email or call 0708097666 to find out more

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